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Musical Instrument Online offers top products for brass musicians and woodwind musicians: Instruments and accessories, equipment, mouthpieces, cases, and bags, etc.

High tech plastics

clarinet SILVER CLOUD from TREEPURPlastic clarinets are not only toys. Depending on the plastic material used, the mechanics of the keys, and the quality of manufacturing, a plastic clarinet can compete very well with the traditional wooden clarinet material. One of these excellent plastic clarinets is the model "MIDNIGHT BLUE" from BRASSEGO, which is available at our shop Musical Instrument Online.

BRASSEGO instruments

trombone BIG MAMA from BRASSEGOOne of the exciting brass instruments offered by Musical Instruments Online is the bass trom­bone "BIG MAMA" from the Austrian master workshop BRASSEGO.

This amazing instrument is available also with the patented SINGING BELL hammering.

Musical-Instrument.Online has a whole range of great products for wind musicians - students, hobby musicians and professionals

clarinet cups and clarinet snake from TREEPUR Musical-Instruments.Online offers in its shop musical instruments from carefully selected manufacturers.

Trumpets, trombones, horns from BRASSEGO, clarinets and saxophones from TREEPUR, trumpets, trombones and horns from STOMVI, and trumpets from SPIRI. An interesting range of instruments has been added from NARTISS. Recently, the shop has also introduced different models of flutes from top flutes workshops.

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BRASSEGO workshop for musical instruments SPIRI workshop for trumpets Apart from instruments, Musical-Instrument.Online offers mouthpieces for brass from STOMVI, SPIRI and Josef Klier (JK) , mouthpieces for woodwind from Theo Wanne und H. Hartmann, instrument cases and bags, as well as training aids for musicians, e.g. ENDI, ENIS, PUEDO, myVIBS.

Wind instruments from Musical-Instrument.Online

The offered brass instruments are all top class instruments, well suited for students and professionals. Depending of your intended use, as an instrument for a symphonic orchestra or as an instrument for a jazz band, you will find the appropriate product in our shop.
This shop is open 24h / 7 days! Look around and find your next musical instrument!

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STOMVI FlugelhornYour woodwind instrument or your brass instrument from our online shop for Musical Instruments can be well integrated in orchestras for classical music. Other instruments offered are perfect for big bands. And if you need an excellent solo instrument - you can find it in our shop as well.
Why do you still hesitate! Online shopping of woodwind and brass instruments as well as music accessories is the most efficient shopping method with respect to time and price!

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What the customers of Musical-Instrument.Online say:

Bob T.: In the Musical Instruments shop I have bought a french horn from BRASSEGO: the double horn "Schönbrunn". This horn is constructed similar to Kruspe-models and is said to have a dark sound. And indeed, it is just like that! The sound of this product is fantastic!
Ryan L.: Musical-Instrument.Online offers different trumpets families from STOMVI. For the use in Big Bands the family ELITE is a recommended trumpet. The sound of these instruments is indeed bright and radiant, so it was a good choice for me to buy the model ELITE 5330. I like the sound a lot!
Mary M.: I was looking for a new clarinet with good dynamics and a powerfull sound. In the shop Musical Instruments Online I found the plastic clarinet SILVER CLOUD, made with a special plastics material called ABS NOVRAG. So I decided to buy this model and to try it. The body has an amazing silver color and the keys work perfect. The sound of this clarinet is indeed more present than the sound of traditional wooden clarinets. And it is in a way special that I like.
Rita C.: I bought the jazz trombone SOLINO from BRASSEGO with a bell of 216 mm diameter. My first impression - after I did receive the delivery from Musical Instruments Online - was that the trombone is well balanced. The second impression was related to the prominent sound produced from the instrument which is just perfect for my jazz formation.

What are you waiting for?

Musical-Instrument.Online is the shop for music, dedicated to woodwind musicians and brass musicians.
Visit our Online-shop for Musical Instruments (woodwind and brass instruments)
- and make your dream reality!

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